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Paper Room makes it easy to enjoy the best modern interior design from around the world, whether you are shopping online or at our store in Auckland. Still, below are some frequently asked questions for us in case you get stuck shopping in the middle of night!

Alternatively, free to call us during opening hours or send us an email for info of any of our wallpapers, textiles, fabrics or accessories.

Q. What currency is the pricing on the Paper Room website?

A. New Zealand dollars [NZ$].

Q. Can you deliver orders internationally?

A. Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the world for you but if you live outside of New Zealand then please contact us on our email form and we will process your order rather than ordering it through the website.

Q. How long does a delivery order take?

A. Most of the products that we sell are ‘indent’ which means that they are ordered especially for you and can take 1-4 weeks for a courier to deliver to your door.

Q. How do I “go back” on the Paper Room website to navigate around the site?

A. We do not have “go back” button on the Paper Room website as not all browsers (Internet Explorer/Firefox) recognise them, so we advise you to use the < back arrow on the top left corner of your computer screen outside of the Paper Room website. That way you can easily navigate around the site.

Q. Do I need to make sure that the wallpaper I have ordered is from 1 batch?

A. Yes, always check your wallpaper shipment before opening its packaging to make sure all rolls are from the same manufacturing batch number. This is important as there can be a slight variation in colour from one manufacturing batch to another. Please contact us straight away if you receive more than one batch number in your shipment so that we can send out a replacement.

Q. Can I order wallpaper by the metre?

A. Yes we can in some cases. If you are interested in purchasing by the metre, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Q. Do I have to treat my wall before it gets wallpapered?

A. Yes, if you have bare or water-based painted walls we do recommend you apply a coat of pigmented sealer.

Q. Can I return my fabric?

A. Once fabric has been ordered and cut to size and despatched it cannot be returned unless there is a fault in the fabric or printing of the design on the fabric. If so, please contact us regarding this.

Q. How do I know which fabric composition to choose for my upholstery, cushions, or window treatment projects?

A. Upholstery fabric [for covering furniture] is noted in the product description. Fabric compositions are specified, and uses are detailed on product pages, however if you are unsure of a fabric’s use, please contact us and we will assist you.

Q. Why is it sometimes more expensive to purchase wallpaper and fabrics in NZ than from overseas websites?

A. You need to factor in the exchange rate, freight, GST, customs clearance, and import taxes into the country. NB: It is always easier to communicate with a local supplier in your own country should there be a need for any further communication regarding your purchase.

Q. Can I order a sample?

A. Yes you can order a sample. You may purchase A5 size samples for $5 each which includes postage and packaging. If you require a bigger size sample please contact us. Please note that not all suppliers are able to supply samples.

Q. Why should I order a sample?

A. We always recommend you purchase wallpaper and fabric samples first since the image your computer displays is not always an accurate example of the actual colour of the product. The sample is a colour reference and illustrates the texture/feel and look that you may wish to achieve. Reference for the full pattern can be viewed on the website.

Q. How long does a sample take to be delivered?

A. Our samples take between 1 and 3 working days to be delivered in NZ via NZ Post.

Q. What is a Pattern Repeat and why do I need to know it?

A. The pattern repeat is the vertical distance between one point of the pattern to the identical point on the pattern vertically. It tells you the size of the pattern and assists with pattern matching of fabric and wallpaper.

Q. Should I attempt to wallpaper myself?

A. We always recommend a professional paper hanger due to the handcrafted nature of most of our papers. See our recommended specialist paper hangers on our Wallhanging info page.

Q. Why are some papers pre-pasted and others un-pasted, is one better than the other?

A. There is no quality difference between the two but designer papers are often un-pasted because they are more commonly installed by a professional paper hanger who often has a preference for pasting the papers.­­

Q. Will the ferm LIVING Wall Stickers damage my wall?

A. They are designed in Denmark and made in Europe and are high quality and made to last. The stickers are designed to be removed from surfaces without damaging them, provided of course the surface is clean, smooth and stable. i.e. No flaky or bubbling paint.

A smooth surface is best as the sticker needs some surface area to adhere to. Do not use the wall stickers on textured paints or walls.

We also advise not to apply to walls that have just been painted, give them 3 weeks to ensure they cure properly.

Q. What sort of adhesive do the Vinyl Wall Stickers have?

A. Both ferm LIVING and Feature Vinyl Wall Stickers are made with an acrylic-based adhesive, designed not to mark the wall. Same wall preparation as above is essential before applying.

Q. Can I stick Vinyl Wall Stickers sold on this website to glass?

A. The stickers stick really well to glass – which is great but means you have to be very careful when applying them. Sometimes they get air bubbles under them which you might not see from the sticker side, but you can see from the other side. You can remove these by using a fine needle to pop the air bubble. We recommend a design without too much surface area for this application so the air bubbles will be less.

Q. How do I apply Feature Vinyl Wall Stickers

A. Click here for a document illustrating the application of a Feature Vinyl Wall Sticker.

Q. How do I apply ferm LIVING Vinyl Wall Stickers?

A. ferm LIVING WallStickers are easy to apply. Each wall sticker comes with instructions and a plastic scraper. They are not suitable for use on raw concrete or exposed brickwork. The wall stickers are easily removable. In the rare case that a surface is damaged upon removal of the sticker, Ferm Living, Ferm Living Australia and Paper Room Ltd cannot be held responsible. To view the ferm LIVING wall sticker demonstration on You Tube click here. Detailed instructions follow below:

Step 1:

Use the plastic scraper included in the supply kit to scrape across the transparent transfer sheet. This will ensure that the WALL STICKER is completely affixed to the transfer sheet. If your WALL STICKER has multiple images, cut the sheet so you have separate stickers for each image, then place each image wherever you wish.

Step 2:

Carefully pull off the white paper backing so that the WALL STICKER is left on the transparent transfer sheet with the sticky side facing outwards. Remove the backing slowly and carefully. If parts of the WALL STICKER should remain on the backing, use the plastic scraper to fimly affix it to the transparent transfer sheet.

Step 3:

Place the image where you want it to appear on the wall or any flat surface. Use the plastic scraper on the transfer sheet to affix the image to the wall. Begin at the middle of the image scraping outwards.

Step 4:

When you have ensured that the WALL STICKER is completely fastened to the wall, carefully remove the transfer sheet. Enjoy!

Q. What are the differences between the Feature Wallpapers?

A. Feature have a choice of THREE Wallpaper bases:

1. Wallpaper – Pre-pasted PVC Free

This is an EASY to hang wallpaper – you simply wet the back and apply using standard wallpaper hanging tools – NO Glue – NO Mess! This is a good option if you want to hang something more permanently, and it’s easy to hang around doorways and windows etc. Waranteed for up to 20 years out of direct UV light. This product is flame retardant, washable and meets stict commercial wall covering standards. Feature Pre-Pasted Wallpaper comes in sheets 1372mm Wide. Click here for an installation guide.

2. Feature reStick MATT – PVC Free

reStick MATT is a NON PVC polyester textile wall covering with an acrylic adhesive back which adheres to your wall. The beauty of this product is that you cannot only remove it from your wall without damaging it, but you can also reuse it: on a different wall, room, house… over and over at least 20 times. When your reStick MATT isn’t in use, or if you are between applications, simply stick it to the CLEAN backing sheet that it came with and put it back in the packaging tube. All that is required is a smooth clean wall. This product is flame retardant, washable with a soft cloth, and meets strict commercial wall covering standards. reStick MATT comes in sheets 1m wide. Click here for an installation guide.

3. Feature reStick CANVAS – PVC Free

reStick CANVAS has the same benefits as reStick MATT [above] but the difference being the material is a textured canvas textile made of 100% PES [polyester] and is of a heavier weight. The adhesive is water based. The canvas doesn’t crease or tear, is flame retardant, washable with a soft cloth and meets stict commercial wall covering standards. reStick CANVAS comes in sheets 1m wide. Click here for an installation guide.

Q. What sort of inks do Feature use in their wallpapers?

A. Latex environmentally friendly inks containing no solvents – no odour.

Q. Have you got any information on the type of wood your Florence Broadhurst deck chairs are made of?

A. Yes, the timber is Kwila, a strong and durable timber suitable for permanent outdoor use. Kwila will weather to an even silver grey colour. During initial weathering the timber will leach a brown stain if it gets wet. Care should be taken during this stage with the placement of the deck chair when wet, to avoid staining paved or tiled areas.

The leaching process can be hastened by hosing the furniture on a lawn area. With regards to your Florence Broadhurst fabric deck chair sling during the leaching process, it will brown the fabric if the Kwila gets wet. If you would rather avoid this then we recommend you bring your deck chair indoors after use, or remove the sling and leave the deck chair on your lawn in the rain to leach. If your sling does get leaching marks on it, it does wash out we suggest a quick hand wash then put through a warm machine wash with regular washing powder and Nappy-San. The Kwila deck chairs are made in NZ.

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