Hooks and Frocks

Winter always makes you hanker for cosy and one of the wonderful ways of achieving it in your home is with the use of dark hues. They’ve been pretty hot the last few years and have been seen on Pinterest and interior blogs everywhere.

They’re fabulous and moody and the absolute antithesis of the timelessly popular Scandi look which Paper Room also loves. The latter is fresh, open and serene, while dark hues are snug, cocooning and comforting.

Abigail Ahern

Championed by English tastemaker Abigail Ahern, the dark hue movement has rapidly gained momentum and has been enjoying its moment in the sun for quite some time now (so to speak).

It takes guts to turn your walls dark, but interestingly, once you do, it quickly becomes addictive as it creates so much atmosphere and mood. The temptation to take the whole house dark becomes hard to resist.

AA insists that taking your ceiling, skirtings, architraves and even floors dark really enhances the fabulousness of it. Not only, she insists, does it not make the room feel smaller, but by creating the optical illusion of not knowing where your space starts and finishes, it actually makes a room feel bigger.

Image credit: Allie NYC

It’s easy to see why dark hues have gained such a fan base in the UK. With short days and long winters, arriving home on a miserable day to the embracing mood of a dark room with strategically placed lamps, candles and a roaring fire, it creates the perfect space for hibernation (my word of the season).

In NZ our days are longer, as are our summers and our light is very much brighter. But dark colours have their place here too. I’d suggest for your first attempt you use paint. It’s cheap and easy to change if you decide it’s not for you. But once you’re a convert Paper Room have a fabulous selection of dark and moody papers that will absolutely transform your home.

Be warned, once a fan there may be no looking back. You might find your entire home converted to the dark side.



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