Hooks and Frocks

Some people can’t live without colour, others are drawn to pattern, and still others are strict minimalists.  As for me, I’m a sucker for texture.

When flicking through magazines and websites, I always gravitate towards rooms where texture’s a major player. It has a pull for me that I almost can’t explain. Texture makes a room enticing. It adds contrast and layers and it really brings a room to life.

Photo – Eve Wilson, Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files


When I talk about texture, I’m thinking of natural materials. From high-end materials like marble and brass all the way through to really raw materials such as ply, concrete and stone. They age beautifully, developing patina and history as they wear. And they work best in contrast with each other. Juxtaposing rough with smooth, hard with soft, and luxe and raw.

Whatever your look, glam, rustic and everything in between, the key to working with texture is contrast. Then layer and layer, with textiles, rugs, leather, skins, metal, ceramics, sculptures, books, lamps, shades, plants and flowers – the choice is endless.

from my Scandinavian Home

Texture is tactile. It makes you want to touch and it really makes a room inviting. It draws you in and encourages you to linger. And it’s definitely a key element in adding warmth and character to your home.

If you want the place you live in to feel like home, playing with texture will definitely help you get there.

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