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I’m all about anticipation. I didn’t find out the gender of my babies prior to their births, I never open my presents before Christmas, and looking forward to holidays is often my favourite part.

So it makes perfect sense that of all the seasons, Spring’s my pick.

It’s the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. And depending on your hemisphere, possibly even resurrection.

But my favourite part of spring is that it’s so very promising.

In Spring everything lies ahead of you. It’s full of new beginnings. The days are getting longer, the weather warmer, and the lovely long holidays beckon in the distance. If ever there was one, Spring is the season of promise and anticipation.

So Paper Room have put together a Spring Mood Board to get you in … well, the mood.


What could be more full of promise than a 2018 Calendar? And not just any calendar but the fabulously Iconic Stendig Calendar. This must surely be the most affordable way to make a bold and stylish statement on your wall. Numbers are strictly limited so order yours online now.


Apron up, as you begin to crank up the BBQ for the longer warmer evenings that are about to arrive. Your choice of Funky Golden monkey denim aprons, or Boho ombre linen ones.

Lazy Bones

A collection of gorgeous floral wallpapers, in fresh uplifting colours. The most spring-like of all our fabulous wallpapers.


Forget driving to the shops. Now that Spring is in the air, grab you Loqi bags and wander to the shops on foot for your everyday needs.

Mali bracelets

Stylish, multicoloured, recycled plastic bracelets. Talk about a triple bottom line. Not only do they add instant spring color to your ensemble, but they use recyclable plastic, provide viable incomes for the the Mali women who make them, AND raise funds for homeless children from the streets of Senegal West Africa. You’ll look good and feel good buying these.

Swing by the Paper Room and see what else we have to put a seasonal spring in your step.

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