Stephanie Grace Jewellery – Single Bar Circular Necklace – Large Brass

$52.00 $36.40



Size: 14mm Pendant – Chain Length 67.5cm
Delivery Time:  Approx 1 week

Handmade by Stephanie Grace – Brass Chain Nickel Free. Stephanie Grace Jewellery creates understated and unique jewellery. Metals teamed with delicate textures and small pops of colour form a beautiful palette with which to adorn oneself. Every piece is hand made by Steph in her Auckland studio so no two pieces are ever identical. Steph has been making jewellery since she finished uni, and finally took the plunge to launch her own business in 2014. Her favourite part of jewellery making are the final moments when a piece is completwhen it goes from a dirty, grubby piece of metal into a stunning piece of jewellery!