Hooks and Frocks

A whirlwind visit has had me falling in love with Wellington all over again.

Perfect weather greeted our arrival (even if it was the only good weather this year) and we headed straight to our apartment at the newly renamed QT Museum.

Across the road we lunched at Field & Green where I severely underestimated my appetite. Ordering utterly delicious courgette and halloumi fritters I spent the entire afternoon hankering for carbs.

Next stop the wonderful City Gallery, a jewel in Wellington’s crown. Here we leisurely wandered feasting our eyes on the Cindy Sherman exhibition – the real excuse for our visit. A fabulous and influential American artist – that even Karen Walkers latest sunglasses campaign gives a nod to.  I’m still digesting her works as I loved some and didn’t like others. But therein lies the beauty of art – a guaranteed and often complex response.

Cindy Sherman untitled

The rest of the afternoon saw us mooching round some of our favourite shops (mainly clothes I’m embarrassed to say) as well as making a few new discoveries.


The Service Depot, Caughley, ENA, Harry’s and the fabulous Brown & Co – my new favourite discovery.

Browne & Co

After a cup of tea and a lie down we dressed for dinner and headed to Slim Davey’s for cocktails before wandering next door for spectacular food and fabulous service at the bustling Ortega Fish Shack. We drank far too much wine which I didn’t regret til 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep.

The mornings much needed coffee was provided via an encore visit to Field & Green and having learnt my lesson the previous day I went carb heavy and chowed down on their delicious homemade crumpet & honeycomb.

With no time to dally, I quickly packed and headed to the airport via Koru Club and was home before the kids were out of school.

Now that’s how to do it.

Wellington I’ll be back!



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