Hooks and Frocks

One of the design trends that has emerged in the last couple of years that we love has been the Painterly look. It has graced everything from catwalks to bedrooms encompassing high fashion as well as interior trends.

It has gone hand in hand with the artisan and handmade trend that has been gaining slow but steady traction for quite some time. Our window display this month showcases one such producer.

Quercus & Co. are wallpaper and fabric printers from Australia with a delightfully handmade and painterly aesthetic.


Hand painted or drawn onto eco-friendly papers and then printed with the latest digital techniques, they ooze a handcrafted sensibility and are awash with pattern & colour.

From faded watercolours, scratchy charcoals, soft pencils to repetitive block-prints, they truly are art for your walls and furniture.

They add a beautiful slightly bohemian quality to a room echoing patterns from tribal rugs and Japanese shibori to Baltic knitting and nature.

Inspired by the many patterns in his childhood home, Quercus and Co’s. founder never lost his love for them and says similar basic patterns are found the world over, and that like colour, patterns are somewhat universal.

Come in and check them out, they are truly beautiful.



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