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It’s official. Botanicals are everywhere. What started as a trickling re-emergence of indoor plants just a few years ago has quickly become a torrent.

The plants have become bigger and more abundant, fresh and faux. And it’s not just plants. Decorative elements such as botanical wallpapers, murals, fabrics and artworks have also taken seed.


It could be that bringing the great outdoors inside is our response to increasingly urban lifestyles, in more densely populated cities, with smaller or no sections and fewer opportunities to be at one with nature.

And it could also be the fact that indoor plants have proven to provide a multitude of health benefits. From improved physical health, due to improved air quality, to better mental health, thanks to the improved environment.

Whatever the reason, it’s a trend that’s here to stay and Paper Room loves it!

Whether you prefer to dip your toes in cautiously or dive right in, here is Paper Room’s guide to bringing botanicals home.

  1. Foliage

Grab your favourite vase, your secateurs and raid the greenery in your garden. Or pick some up the next time you’re at your florists or Farros. From olive branches to the exotic, foliage looks fabulous at home.


Image via Habitually Chic

2. Pot plants.

Start with one and see where it leads. Small or oversized, whatever’s your thing. A little research goes a long way to ensure your plants thrive. And if they thrive – you thrive, cos it’s indoor plants that provide the health benefits.



3. Artworks.

Find a Botanical artwork that suits your style.



4. Fabric galore

There’s an abundance of choice in botanical prints, whether it’s for cushions, chairs, duvets, sofas, or drapes.


5. Wallpaper.

The piece de resistance. This is the whole hog. Go crazy and see what happens.



And of course, if botanicals are a look you love, there’s nothing stopping you from having all these elements scattered throughout your home.

Don’t forget to check out Paper Rooms botanical window display for ideas and inspiration, as well as our many gorgeous botanical papers in store. Here’s a quick teaser.





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