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Hygge has been a hard word to avoid the last 12 months, cropping up in pretty much every kind of publication and even being shortlisted as 2016 word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary.

So Paper Room thought we’d better join the conversation.

On the off-chance you’re not familiar with hygge, it’s a Danish concept. It’s the feeling of contentment experienced when lingering with friends and family, sharing food, drink and conversation, and enjoying the simple things of life.

It’s the solitary pleasure of being curled up on the sofa with a good book and warm drink, slipping into a hot bath, or simply enjoying your morning coffee.

It requires a certain slowness and the ability to enjoy the present. It’s a mood and an atmosphere, and it most certainly cannot be bought.

But the Danes do create their homes to reflect hygge. And so can you. By creating an environment that says “This is somewhere I really feel at home, come and feel at home with me”.

Here’s the Paper Rooms edit of how to hygge your home.

  1. Keep it simple, create a space that is calm and serene. That is indulgent, not extravagant. That isn’t trying to wow or impress. And that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Harmonious tonal shades work really well for this.

Image courtesy of Amara


2. Candles and more candles. Embrace the warming glow of candlelight.

3. Texture, Texture, Texture.  Warm natural materials are what Scandinavian homes are famous for. Wood, leather, wool. Natural materials and palettes, all of which are very grounding.


4. Layers & layers. Animal skins, rugs, nubby blankets, chunky throws, plump inviting cushions. All add up to create a place that invites you to relax and linger.



5. Add a little imperfection.  Something old and worn that has patina and history. These add to a sense of permanence and belonging and provide the welcoming feeling of home.

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6. Lamps and lanterns, for even more lovely soft ambient lighting.

7. Light a fire. Nothing is more hygge than gathering around a fire and being mesmerised by the crackling and flickering of flames.

8. Share a meal, something simple, nothing fancy, homemade soup or a simple wooden board, with bread, cheese, olives and wine.

Source: via Pinterest/Tobruck Ave.

9. Last but by no means least, slow down and take the time to really savour and enjoy the simplest things in life.










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