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Most people fall into one of two categories, – those that don’t pick up books, and those that can’t put them down.


I’m definitely in the later category. I consume fiction, flirt with non-fiction, and can barely get my nose out of interior magazines and books.


Good fiction is one of life’s great pleasures, and no doubt is singlehandedly responsible for the proliferation of book clubs that have abounded for years.


Non-fiction for me is a more challenging read, but you do actually learn stuff and the better ones are some of the best books you’ll ever read.


But interior books, well they are pure indulgence. They provide both eye candy and creative stimulation which for me is nirvana.


In my home collection, some are more coffee table books, while others are well fingered and constantly referenced, but I wouldn’t be without any of them and I love how their presence helps make my house a home.

So settle in for the cooler months with a great pile of books, and once winter is here curl up in front of the fire and enjoy them.

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In Detail by Hans Blomquist

Stylist and art director Hans Blomquist presents his beautifully rustic style in gorgeous images focusing on the key ingredients of his distinctive look – nature, texture, colour, textiles, collecting and display. A really beautiful inspirational book.

Abigail Ahern Colour

Bringing to your coffee table the beautifully stylish images you have got accustomed to on her blog. If you don’t know her already you’re seriously missing out. A design doyenne of our times.

Wallpaper the Ultimate Guide

We couldn’t not sell this book!

This is Charlotte Abrahams in-depth look at the wallpaper scene. A book of beautiful full-page reproductions of many papers interlaced with fabulous interior shots of wallpapers in situ. Showcasing three contemporary styles of wallpaper as well as providing a historical overview. A must for all wallpaper aficionados

Alternatively her other book Wallpaper A Collection of Modern Prints is quite literally a book of collated wallpaper samples. Fill your boots.


Homespun Style  by Selina Lake

For all you lovers of Nana chic, this is the book for you. Whimsy, colour, pattern, tactile fabrics and flea market finds. The book abounds with inspiration for those who delight in the homely crafty look.

Home Style by City

This book is as eclectic as the homes it features. Part city tour, including must visit flea markets, bits of colourful history, curated lists of music, books and films and part design resource. Home style City captures the essence of five design forward cities – Paris, London, New York, LA, Copenhagen, and how the cities themselves impact interiors. Featuring fabulous homes that reflect local style and inspire internationally.


The Kinfolk Home

Interiors for slow living. For followers of the hugely successful Kinfolk magazine whose ethos is slowing down, simplifying your life, and cultivating community – allowing you to create a more considered, beautiful, and intimate living space. Artful photography profiling homes of those who have pared back and adopted a more simple style of living.


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